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Sweet Eden is Seven Weeks!

January 4, 2010

Our sweet little Eden will be 7 weeks (officially at 12:22a.m. on Tuesday) tomorrow. She has definitely already lived out her name, as Eden Faith Adana Threlfall: “God’s Pleasurable Gift to Us, Given in Peace,” even at this young age. Hana Kate seemed relatively laid back, so I was kind of expecting a more high maintenance baby this time around. Nope. Eden makes Hana Kate look like a high maintenance girl, actually. (And right now HK sort of is, with her various sicknesses, injuries, and night terrors.)

For the one or two of you who may still be reading here (and haven’t seen the updates elsewhere), God blessed us with Eden Faith Adana on November 17, arriving a good bit after her due date. But she was worth the wait! She was born at home, and her labor was just under 3 hours. A HUGE difference from Hana Kate’s 46 hour labor. I could almost describe her birth as “invigorating.” I’ll write more on her name and birth later, but I have realized that blogging was a good way to have an electronic record of Hana Kate (especially since my old computer crashed), and so I’ll try to use the blog for Eden’s updates and pics. I find myself constantly referring to this blog to see what Hana Kate looked like at a certain age, or what we were doing, so I think I’ll use this as a means to do so for Eden, as well. Eventually, I’ll go back and put up posts about Eden’s birth, her name, etc…

Since August, it seems like we have had one transition after another: Daniel gone for a month, a move, a new vehicle, a new baby, parents and in-laws living with us, and a good bit of injuries and sicknesses. Hana Kate has adjusted well for the most part, but she is a sensitive little girl. Since Daniel was in Madagascar, she has been having nightmares. I think that’s one way she deals with the transitions. It slowed a bit…until we moved and her crib fell apart after it was put together incorrectly. I would have nightmares, too! Right now, Daniel’s parents are here (and she has a leg injury that is keeping her from walking), so she just sleeps in our bed the nights she wakes up. I actually think now, she just wants someone with her and perhaps likes our bed, too. One night she woke up and said, “scared, scared,” shortly after she had learned that word.

So, it has been nice to have Eden as such an easy baby. (I realize that we are very blessed, as many folks have to deal with both issues.) She started sleeping 6-7 hours consistently around 3 weeks old, and is now sleeping 10 hours most nights. What a blessing! I honestly wasn’t expecting her to do so soon, but we used the same methods we used with Hana Kate…only we didn’t let her “cry it out.” I have become such a softie since Hana Kate, too. 🙂 We’re using a pacifier on occasions with Eden, which we didn’t do with Hana Kate. We mostly use it in the evenings when I keep her awake between feedings before her bedtime. So perhaps that is another reason she seems so, so quiet. She finally got the hang of it last week. Before that, it was our finger.

I have absolutely loved having a newborn. I think, for some reason, I’m enjoying and savoring every moment so much more than with Hana Kate. And cuddling lots. Perhaps because it was so new to me last time. But I also enjoy the toddler stage–when they can talk to you! 🙂 So far, Hana Kate likes her sister, but she isn’t obsessed. Last week, Daniel and I went out on a date (with Eden), and when we returned, Hana Kate came over to the car seat carrier, and kept bending down to look at Eden, and saying “Hi, Baby!” “Hi, Baby.” We love it!

Life has been crazy since (well, and before) Eden’s birth. Yet, it hasn’t been because of her birth. One sickness after another, injuries, unusual amounts of work and school for Daniel, frustrations, and housing family for 7 weeks straight. Many lessons to learn. Much seeing of our wicked hearts. I am rejoicing that Eden is already being to us what we pray she will be as she grows: “a pleasure and delight to those around her.” She looks almost exactly like Hana Kate did at this age, so it will be fun to watch her grow and see if she continues to look the same..

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  • Jess/Daytime Night Owl January 6, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Congratulations! What a beautiful baby. Hope everyone is healing and feeling better.

  • Alicia January 8, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    Congratulations! Hope everything smooths out, at least for a while :^)