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Learning to Sing and Pray

April 21, 2009

As a young mother, one of the things I’ve lookd forward to the most in my child’s development is her spiritual development. Of course, it will be at least a couple more years before I will see this in depth. But for now, it is exciting to see that my little girl is already learning things that I hope will eventually point her to know God.

They are cute and fun for now, but when repeated, perchance they’ll bring about a discipline in areas that will be a means to her spiritual growth.

Recently, Hana Kate saw a memory verse pack of mine. Apparently to her, it looked like a little Bible–like the little New Testaments you often see. She brought it to me and kept saying, “By-buh, By-buh!” I finally caught on that she wanted me to sing “The B-I-B-L-E!” So Daniel and I have now sung the song well over hundreds of times. (She even asked Grandpa and Grandma to sing it to her over Skype!) As soon as we finish singing, she does her little sign for “please,” and wants us to sing it again! On occasion, she’ll say “By-buh” at the end of the song, too! Of course, to her it’s just a fun song, and she sees certain books and thinks they are a “by-buh.” But we pray that she will one day learn to love God’s Word as much as she loves this song about the Bible.

If that weren’t enough to make our hearts smile, she’s been asking us to pray. She recently learned how to fold her hands. Although she normally holds our hands for our mealtime prayer, we often fold our hands at bedtime, and apparently between that and the sheer fascination of folding her hands she equates it with praying.

And so, I am learning more about prayer because of my 14-month old. Randomly throughout the day, she’ll come up to me, fold her hands and say, “please.” So we fold our hands together and pray a brief prayer. Sadly, I am praying much more in these days than I have in recent weeks.

At first I noticed that most of my praying was for requests. I realized I want to teach her to praise God, too, so now I go back and forth from praising God to praying, especially for her Grandma who currently has Bell’s Palsy. She usually asks to pray several times in a row and at very random times. But we love it! Someday we’ll tell her about how she used to ask to pray as a toddler, but we hope and pray that she’ll always want to pray like this!

Oh how we pray that we will one day enjoy the day when we can say, “I have no greater joy than to see that my children walk in truth!”

And perhaps soon I’ll be able to put some pictures up of these fun events!.

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