Squirrels and Mercy

December 12, 2008

As I write, I hear the noise of squirrels scampering (that’s what squirrels do, right?!) across the space above our bathroom.  When we first moved here and I first heard the noise, I was very startled by the first evidence of squirrel infestation–I thought it was someone breaking into our downstairs.

Each morning (and often other times during the day), there is a new pile of dirt that falls from the bathroom ceiling.   This can grow very (VERY, VERY!) irritating.   I do not want to make time to pick up after the squirrel all day.  But in my discontentment, I realized that I could use this as a personal reminder of God’s mercy to me–it is new every morning.   And usually, there are evidences of it all throughout the day.  I still battle discontentment with this situation, but now I can’t think of it without thinking of God’s mercy.

So, how long do squirrels live, anyway?  Obviously, this squirrel can live for more than one year!  Well, squirrel has decided to further expand his representation of God’s mercy–not only does he create new dirt every day…well, he has multiplied.  As in squirrel babies!  Yes, there are squirrel babies living above our bathroom.  Have we seen them?  No…but boy have we heard those poor pitiful things! When I e-mailed Daniel at work to see if he knew about them, this was his response (and while I don’t normally share our personal e-mails, this just cracked me up!):

Yes. The baby squirrels. I heard them this morning. They were crying. I tried tapping on the ceiling to terrify them, but it didn’t work. I guess they need to be out of the rain.

We have tried unsuccessfully to get rid of these creatures.  So for now, little squirrels, welcome to the family.  Just make sure not to make a mess..

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  • Carrie December 18, 2008 at 3:47 am

    Sorry about your infestation. You know, it’s the “little” things in life that really test our sanctification. Thanks for the good example.