Some Perspective on Traveling and Distance

September 4, 2008

Some of our neighbor girls like to come over to our house in the evenings.  They’re only here for part of the week, but often come looking for “lemonade” at our house when on this side of town.  Recently, they’ve been fascinated by what’s in our living room:

Girl: Why you have that picture (framed paper dress from Kenya) on your wall?  Where it from?

Daniel: That’s from Kenya.

Girl: Oh. Where’s that picture from? (Pointing to a picture of little Malagasy boy, but he looks like he could live in our neighborhood).

Daniel: Keren took that when she was in Madagascar?  Do you know where Madagascar is? (We like to ask kids this since many have seen the movie Madagascar.)

Girl: Oh, I ain’t been all these places you been.  I’ve only been to Gaffney (45 minutes from here).

Girl’s Sister: Nuh uh, you’ve been to Columbia (SC) for a field trip once!

Girl: Oh yeah, I’ve been to Gaffney and Columbia.


Our geriatrics chair is also pretty fascinating!

Our geriatrics chair is also pretty fascinating!

We pray that God would give us patience as these girls visit and opportunity to point them to Christ!


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