A Few Highlights of Recent Weeks

July 28, 2008

A few highlights, and one highlighter 🙂

Otherwise known as, A Few Pictures of Hana Kate!

Yard Sale

The weekend before Neighborhood Bible School, we decided to have a yard sale.  For many reasons, we had initially considered not having one in this area.  But after much thought and prayer, we began planning.  That was back in May.  A free weekend finally arrived that didn’t include a holiday or wedding, and we finally went for it…in July.  Our main goals were 1) get rid of stuff 2) increase contact in neighborhood 3) make a few extra bucks.  Goal #1 was successful since we hauled the leftovers to Goodwill, but didn’t have as many neighborhood customers as we had thought we would.  I was short of my goal by $25, but I made enough for what the money was going towards. If we had a basement, shed, or garage, I probably would have tried to sell some of the “leftovers” online.

Most popular sellers?  Toiletry items from CVS!  Probably at least 90% of our earnings came from this.  Only 2 clothing items sold, though!  People did steal a few things, but just one pair of customers.  A friend of mine from high school also came by and we ended up going to their house for supper, which was a special treat, too!

Hana Kate and Maddie making small talk

Neighborhood Bible School

This year we taught the 5th graders, and praise God for the work done in many hearts and lives.  The attendance of neighborhood kids in our class was lower than normal, but we know God had a perfect purpose in that.  We did have 2 girls in our class express their need for salvation, but no decisions that we know of.  Daniel was also able to go over the Gospel with a boy in the other 5th grade class who was under deep conviction.  He didn’t make a public decision, either, but we pray God will continue to work in his heart.  (He actually used to live in our house before we moved here.)

I was also a bit concerned with how Hana Kate would do with later nights, but she seemed to do fine other than being a little fussy.  She happily adjusted back to her 7 to 7 schedule the next day, though.  She also enjoyed meeting some of the kids in our class.

Between Sunday ministries and NBS, Daniel taught/preached 8 times that week, which was definitely a full week for us (though I know there were others who had much more on their plates).  We praise God for giving him the strength and grace, and for the work He will continue to do.

Other Stuff

What a creative title, huh?

Hana Kate also enjoyed spending some time with Dr. Dreisbach (one of our modern missionary heroes), as did her Daddy and Mommy. 😉

Hana Kate also got to go to her friend’s first birthday party, and enjoyed seeing some of her other friends there, too.  Here she is (left) with her friend Haddie (right), discussing how they can get their hair to come in sooner.  (Please pardon the fact that she looks like a boy here–remind me to always dress her in pink!)

O Wow–I should have made the title about Hana Kate.  While we’re on the subject, she started “crawling” the Monday night of NBS.  But mostly it looks more frog-like.

Usually results in this…

We finally got back our brand new tiller attachment and weedeater after almost 2 months in the shop.  Fortunately it was covered under warranty! I tried to surprise Daniel by tilling our garden, but it ended up “quitting” before I was able to finish (which was probably good, because I might have died had I continued); but since it was the week of NBS, he wasn’t able to fix it.  Good thing SC has such a long growing season!! 🙂  We have a few seedlings ready to put in the ground, and will hopefully have time to finish tilling this week.

Still a bit to till!

Daniel finished up teaching a two-month Sunday School series on spiritual warfare yesterday.  It was an immense blessing to me personally to sit under his teaching/preaching ministry for such a prolonged season (that was not to 2nd graders or below 😉 ).  We praise God for the work that He did in our hearts through this ministry, and pray that God will continue to use His Word from that time in many hearts.  It was a bittersweet end to the series, as Daniel would love to have continued teaching forever, but it will also be nice to have some freer weeks with him.

Hana Kate playing with the ball that was her daddy’s when he was little

We’re off to say goodbye to Hana Kate’s little friend Celia and her parents who are moving away this week.  We will miss them!


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    OH my goodness – that last picture of Hana Kate is adorable! 🙂 She looks so happy! I’m sure she’s excited about that new garden coming – yummy green beans to pick next year, right/! 🙂

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