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Glimpses of Madagascar

July 17, 2008

The other night Daniel and I were talking about Madagascar–the island off of the east coast of Africa where we believe God has called us to serve as foreign missionaries.  I told him, “I think I think about Madagascar every day.”  He replied quietly, “Keren, I think I think about Madagascar every hour.”

I hope to share some more detailed info on Madagascar in the weeks to come, but here are a couple of videos that may allow a small glimpse into life on this interesting island:

Route from Tana to Majunga

This first video is of the road from the capitol city, Antananarivo (Tana), to the northwestern coastal city of Mahajunga.  When I was 15, I traveled this same road, and it took 14 hours.  Since there is only one road from Tana to Majunga, it brought back wonderful memories of the trip–some things looked EXACTLY the same.  This gives a good picture of the diverse landscape of the country and how it changes quickly over just a couple hundred miles.

The National Anthem

The music of the national anthem was composed by Norbert Raharisoa, a music teacher and professor. The words were written by Pasteur Rahajason, a priest. It was first performed in the public when Madagascar was declared an autonomous republic within the Union Francaise. The parliament officially adopted the anthem on April 27,1959. Therefore Madagascar already had a national anthem when it achieved full independence on 26th June 1960. ~ quoted from this site

And in case you didn’t catch the words, you can read them here.  You can also listen to the anthem here, sung before a fight by boxer Zach Walters, who incidentally, I traveled to Madagascar with.


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  • Julie July 18, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    I know this is off topic but I wanted to share this information with you. I went by the bread store on White Horse Road near Hamricks today.

    You can buy a buggy full of day old bread for $3 or $5 depending on the size of the cart. I took a picture of all I got in my cart today and wrote a post about it. You can see it here:

    I know it’s a lot of bread for you, your husband and your daughter but you could get a friend or two to chip in and buy the buggy full and share 😉

    I hope you find this helpful.

  • Lauren July 18, 2008 at 9:57 pm

    I’m going to save this for my hubby and son to check out. They just rewatched Master and Commander and my son was fascinated with Madagascar!

  • Michele July 22, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    We once considered visiting Madagascar after seeing the animated movie. It took very little time on the internet to discover that the trip would be incredibly expensive.

    It will be Disney World Animal Kingdom for us.

  • Ronald A. Lake July 31, 2008 at 11:08 am

    Thanks very much for sharing your experiences in Madagascar. You might be interested to know that I just published a book entitled “Glimpses of Madagascar.” A number of the pictures are on my website. Please have a look – hope you enjoy them!