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A Happy Five Month-day!

July 3, 2008

Don’t mess with me–I’m 5 months!

Hi, everyone! Did you know that I turned 5 months yesterday!?! My Aunt Kelly thought I should write an update, so here I am!

Well, I had a very happy five month-day yesterday! Mommy and I went to Lowe’s, and I got to look at all the lights in the light section of the store. I really liked that, but later I heard some loud scary noises. People like to point at me and tell my mommy what a big baby I am. I guess they don’t think I can hear them. We also ran errands and got to deliver a baby present. ‘Twas a busy day for me!

I also got to stay up really late for my five month-day. At least, it was late for me…but that’s because Daddy and Mommy stayed at church too long and didn’t realize that it was so late. But that’s okay, cause I got to fewoship and then sleep in today. Well, I thought you might like to learn a little about what I’m doing these days:

My favorite activities:

  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Playing in my exersaucer
  • Watching Mommy wash dishes
  • Chewing on my hands
  • Chewing on all the parts of my exersaucer
  • Chewing on everything
  • Making everything repeat pete or rhyme rhyme (o wait, Daddy and Mommy do that for me!)

My favorite people:

  • Mommy (though Mommy thinks Daddy is turning into my favorite–I always get so excited when he gets home!)
  • Daddy
  • All my grandparents
  • All my aunts and uncles
  • my friends in the nursery at church (there are LOTS–and 10 more babies are supposed to be born this month!)
  • my 3 cousins!

Meeting a new friend–another Hannah!–at the Brown home

Books I am reading having read to me:

Some other things I like to do:

  • go to CVS with Mommy (I help her find the deals)
  • play the nuzzle nuzzle game (It makes me laugh)
  • play the airplane game (also induces laughter)
  • write e-mails to Daddy at work (he always writes me back!)
  • go on long walks on the beaches (just kidding)

Visiting with My Grandpa!

Daddy and Mommy have been letting me taste (lick) the food that they eat for supper so that I’ll get used to the tastes. So far, my absolute favorite is brussel sprouts!!! Seriously. And I somehow managed to eat part of two brussel sprouts while sucking on them. (There was evidence the next day. ;)) Since brussel sprouts didn’t fare too well in the baby food grinder, Mommy is hoping to get one of these very soon!

I’ve also taken a few spills, but suffered no permanent damage. A few weeks ago, I rolled off of my parents’ bed!!! That was really scary, and I cried really hard. Then, last week, Daddy was studying and I was sitting next to him in my carseat just playing…when I decided to get out! I was able to bend my back and jump at the same time and get out!!! But I didn’t get an owie that time. Yes, I like to wiggle lots. In fact, I usually roll away when Mommy is changing me! Mommy hopes that one day I’ll have cuddly brothers or sisters.

Helping Daddy Study

I am 17.5 lbs. now, and am trying to crawl. Mommy and Daddy like to put objects in front of me, and then watch me wiggle to them. But then they take the toy away and try to do it again!! I don’t understand! I don’t have any teeth or hair yet, but am working on both. 🙂

The week my parents were here, Hana Kate was so worn out that she almost fell asleep playing!

Did you know that in some Asian countries I would have already celebrated my first birthday? That’s because they start counting age when life begins–even before you are born!.

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  • Kelly July 3, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    Thank you for the update. I love how articulate my niece is.