CVS deals

39 Cent Eggs

July 2, 2008

Eggs are 1.89 at most of our local CVS stores.  Buy a travel size pack of q-tips for 50 cents (located in the trial/travel size area) and use this $2 off (any CVS brand skincare purchase) coupon on them.  Use the $1.50 overage on the eggs to make them 39 cents!  (As long as your CVS will allow overage on the coupon; I haven’t had a problem yet.)

Of course, with this coupon, the usage of overage has endless possibilities, but thought I’d highlight this one.  There’s a lot you can get for free this way, too.  (I’ve actually been able to get some 8 quart bags of potting mix that was clearanced to $1.49 for free this way!).

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