fUN (free) aCtiviTies tO Do in gREenVillE

June 30, 2008

Here are 4 free activities to do in Greenville: (There are many more, but these are some of my favorites!)

1. Visit to Falls Park/Reedy River

Falls Park is definitely one of Greenville’s finest features. Located in the heart of Greenville, it is truly the focal point of the downtown area. The Liberty Bridge is a must see at night, when the lights of the town mingle with the architecture of the suspension bridge and the natural beauty of the Reedy River to make an unforgettable image. Often, there are plays going on in the grassy areas and outdoor theaters.

While there, take a visit to the lesser known Children’s Garden. (During the summer, the “Five Senses” garden features blueberries and blackberries, and they looked like they’d be ready later this week or next…if no one eats them all first!)

2. Play Miniature Golf at McPherson Park

Bring your own golf ball and putters, and you can play as much free miniature golf as your heart desires. (You can, of course, often find “lost” golf balls in the nearby creeks, and could pick up a putter at one of Greenville’s many thrift stores.)

3. Find the Mice on Main

Find the Mice on Main is a free scavenger hunt. There are 9 bronze mice sculptures to be found on Main Street in downtown Greenville. As you search for these little mice, you’ll also have fun exploring Greenville’s downtown. The city of Greenville offers a fun little booklet with hints as to the mice’s whereabouts, and you can also download a list of hints here, and you can also pick up a list at the Mast General Store, also on Main Street.

4. Visit Furman Lake at Furman University

Free all year round, but during the summers, Furman University offers Music by the Lake Summer Concert Series for free! Concerts begin at 7:30p.m.. Check here to see the concert dates..

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  • Tami July 1, 2008 at 11:55 pm

    I wouldn’t go to McPherson Park without your husband. Just a heads up. We have been approached several time by the men that hang out and drink in the woods. Just don’t take your precious baby girl down there without your hubby. I love McPherson Park but I won’t go with my 4 kids alone.

  • Keren July 2, 2008 at 8:12 am

    Thanks, Tami, for that note. I’ll leave it here so others can see.

    I’ve only ever been with my husband or a large group, so I never noticed that problem. Sadly, it’s that way in several areas around here. 🙁