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Still Here…and an Update

June 10, 2008


In spite of what it may have seemed, we’re still here! I was locked out of posting for a few days, and then we enjoyed a trip to Virginia for Jonathan and Christa’s wedding. It was a wonderful, God-glorifying wedding, and we stayed with a very sweet family while we were there. We also enjoyed a very short visit at the GFA Family Conference on the way up. Though our time was short, it was worth every minute of our time. We were very encouraged to be able to speak with some veteran missionaries, and were especially encouraged to have a “volunteer” to guide us on a survey trip to Madagascar.

Meanwhile, the remains of our garden were cooked in the post-100 degree temperatures. We didn’t have anyone water it while we were gone, and I guess the 3 days of excessive heat were too much. We rescued a little bit of lettuce, but the rest was fried to a crisp. (I’m serious–our peas were crispy!!) So, we’re starting over, Lord willing in 2 weeks. (Fortunately, the South has a long growing season!) This has been a wonderful lesson, and a reminder that not so long ago problems like this were life and death issue for people. We were also able to get our air conditioner fixed, and we are so thankful to have it working right now!


Hana Kate is growing up so fast–she is now 4 months old! She can sit by herself (though she still leans forward) and can stand by herself when holding on to something. Everything goes straight to her mouth. We can feel a few little teeth trying to make their appearance, which might explain the biting and buckets of drool. Amongst the many things she enjoys putting into her mouth, finding that she could put her feet there was a recent enlightening discovery. She is such a happy little girl (she hasn’t cried at all Monday or Tuesday!!–I’m sure she’ll cry on Wednesday at church since I mentioned it), and we are so thankful that God has blessed our home with her.

I also realized this neat little fact the other day–by the time Hana Kate was 3 months, she’d already been to 8 states! Quite the little traveler.

We’ve been keeping busy lately–so much so that I haven’t even gone to CVS for a week and a half–I even missed “super diaper week.” (Oh well–we haven’t had to buy any diapers yet, anyway.) Daniel’s parents are returning to Korea next week, so we hope to spend some extra time with them before they leave. We’ve been so blessed to have them here for this year, and it is going to so hard to say goodbye. (I think we are going to need some extra tissues for the next few weeks!) Daniel started teaching Sunday School on a spiritual warfare series last Sunday. We’d appreciate your prayers as he serves in this ministry for the next several weeks.

WordPress has informed me that I can no longer have ads on the sidebars. Since this has developed into a nice means of earning money on the side, I am most likely going to be transferring to a self-hosted site. So, stay tuned! Change is in the air! Well, at least on the internet, anyway. 🙂 I’m also trying to learn CS3 on the side, and am greatly enjoying the challenge.

And one last picture: Hana Kate enjoyed her first time “playing” on the playground at Jonathan and Christa’s rehearsal dinner.


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  • Brenda on the S OR Coast June 11, 2008 at 11:32 am

    Oh my goodness! Those cheeks are over the top! She is gorgeous and obviously thriving. Great job!