Budget Busters

April 21, 2008

Well, Kendra tagged me to list 5 things that “bust our budget,” so here they are, in no particular order:

1. Broken Appliances Like when our heater broke, and our electric bill was 8 times what it normally is. Or the possibility of having to find a new HVAC unit. We’re praying that God will allow our warranty company to come through and cover the cost, but it’s almost been 5 months since the process began. (It’s a long story.) We heat our bedroom at night with a space heater, which is not extremely energy efficient, either. (God just provided us with a brand new dryer, though!)

2. Kerosene Basically, our kerosene expense depends on the weather outside. We’ve been using a kerosene heater most of the winter. We only use it during the day when I need to be downstairs, but we’ve probably had to refill the heater 15-20 times.

3. Home Repairs. Things like exploding toilets, holes in floors, and stair repairs cost money.

4. People Stealing Our Stuff. Yep, but it comes with our territory. Fortunately, it hasn’t been much lately, and thankfully has so far only occurred with things outdoors. Stolen auto parts off a truck my husband was trying to sell probably “hurt” the most.

5. School Loans. Another long story, and not something I’d recommend; but finishing college within 4 years was something that the spiritual leadership in my life at the time counseled me to do. We’ve already paid off a third of it, but there’s still a big chunk looming over us.

Things that have NOT been “Budget Busters:”

1. Having a Baby Well, so far. Unless have an emergency, we will have spent less on our baby and her “stuff” than we’ll be getting as a tax return in her first year of life. (Disclaimer: Obviously, we do not consider children a money-making business; 🙂 we realize we will need to spend and provide for them. There’s just a lot of “stuff” that a baby really doesn’t need! And the Lord has provided the things we’ve needed in some amazing ways!)

2. Internet Service We are able to save more because of the internet printable coupons/deal information that we are able to access online.

It is encouraging to us to realize that, for the most part, these “budget busters” are things that are out of our control. They’ve provided us wonderful opportunities to trust the Lord, and to see Him provide. We have learned and grown so much through these experiences that now we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Other possible “busters”: gas, gifts, and Daniel’s future education. But those are all things we’re typically able to plan for.

I’m not tagging people back, but feel free to comment with your budget busters, or blog about it and leave a link. If you link, I’ll make sure it gets added to this post! Thanks!.

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