Enjoying the Great Outdoors!

April 7, 2008

Last week we enjoyed a trip to the Reedy River park and a little date to Zaxby’s (with our free meal coupon).

On Tuesday, my friend Mary had us over for lunch, and Hana Kate went on her first stroller ride ever with Mary’s girls, Emily and Lydia, who kindly let us use their stroller! She survived being pushed at super-sonic speeds. Well…relatively speaking…for a stroller.

Since the sun was out today, we took a walk in our garden and then over to the playground across the street. As you can tell by her facial expressions, she was very excited. Well… 😉

Hana Kate continues to put on the pounds, smiles, and laughs. We love it when she mimics the sounds we make. She continues to sleep for about 9 hours at night, so we’re hoping to get her started on an even earlier bedtime sometime soon. She rolled from her back to tummy last week, but couldn’t get back onto her back when she tried again! We’re still working on hand-eye coordination–sometimes she hits herself in the face so hard that she starts to cry! Actually, we’re not so sure that she even knows she has hands.

That’s about all in the life of our girl–big, bald, but beautiful. 🙂


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