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One Month Old!

March 3, 2008

Since February is such a short month, Hana Kate got to turn 4 weeks and one month old at the same time! Yet another fun week in her life!  On Monday, she started smiling for us, at first only in the mornings. Finally, near the end of the week, her daddy got to see her smile, too! And today, she flashed a toothless grin at her Aunt Naomi. 🙂


Hana Kate looks forward to weekly visits from her Aunt Emby! This week, Aunt Mary Beth ran in her first 5K and still came to see her later that day. (Of course.)


On Saturday, Hana Kate met her friend, Celia, who was born less than a week before her. On Sunday, they ended up wearing similar outfits!


Hana Kate’s one month-day celebration turned out to be a fever of 101 degrees and an earache. Some medicine, lots of love from Mommy and Daddy, and10 hours of fussiness finally wore our little girl out and we were all able to get some rest. She seems to be doing much better, and definitely liked her cherry flavored medicine!

Did we mention that she has a regular work out routine? She’s actually been doing her push-up regiment since she was one week old!


Speaking of birthdays, we helped Uncle Aaron and Grandma celebrate theirs! Happy Birthday! Of course, this meant some time with her cousins! Hana Kate loves her cousin Esther–she even had Esther do her hair 😉 !


Lest I overdo it with pictures, I’ll close! Here’s one last one…



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  • klaustermeyer March 4, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    I love seeing pictures of Hana Kate. Can’t wait to see her in person again.