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I’m 3 Weeks Old!

February 25, 2008

Since I’m three weeks old now, Mommy said I could write about myself this week.

Whew! What a week!

On Monday night, I got to meet a bunch of the guys that used to work for Daddy–I didn’t even wake up when they each held me. They are some really special guys. Thanks to these guys, we have a roof over our heads–literally.


I also got to take my first real baths this week, but was sad that I didn’t quite fit into my bathrobe from Uncle Aaron and Aunt Naomi.


Mommy and I started going upstairs this week, and I played on my turtle mat and took lots of naps in my crib upstairs! Daddy and Mommy are hoping we can all move back upstairs this week. I’m starting to smile while I’m awake, but don’t really know why yet. 🙂

On Saturday, I got to go to Bible Club and meet some of the kids that Daddy teaches about God! (Don’t worry–I was only in the sun for a few seconds.)
On Sunday, I went to three church services! I even stayed awake during all of Daddy and Mommy’s Sunday School class. I had fun meeting lots of people that have prayed for me. (Thank you to you sick people who wanted to see me, but were kind enough to wait until you’re doing better–can’t wait to meet you!) Lots of people told me that I look like Daddy, which made him very happy.
And after a one week trial period, I decided to give up throwing up ’cause I’m growing up. 😉 I decided to settle for spitting up instead, though, in case Mommy gets bored and still needs to do laundry. (Thanks, Aunt Kelly, for providing enough clothes for me to spit up on multiple times a day!)
Thanks for reading about my little life!
Edit: Actually, that whole giving up throwing up? Well, I was just kidding–I wanted to throw up on Mommy again this morning even though I spit up a lot yesterday. (But the good news is that Daddy and Mommy are doing a little experiment and think they might know what’s causing this. 🙂 )


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