Frugal Friday

August 2, 2007
If you have an Eckerd (now being known as Rite-Aid), you can get each of the items shown below for 88 cents! Combine it with a few manufacturers coupons, and well, it is practically free! This week’s ad was a little confusing, and it appeared that for the candy I could get it for 88 cents, and then a “buy one get one free.” (I probably would not have bought candy otherwise, but Daniel will enjoy some in his lunches.) Sadly, I was mistaken, but otherwise this parcel of goods would have been $3.00…a savings of over $20.00! As it was, it was about $4.00. A lot of the other drug stores have deals on the same items, but neither CVS nor Walgreens have deals this good.

It will be fun to enjoy some “namebrand” stuff for a change…meanwhile, I still have to use up the free samples of deodorant and toothpaste that we got earlier this month!


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  • keren January 25, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    How embarrassing! I now know I can get ALL this stuff for free at CVS. 🙂