Warehouse Fire

July 25, 2007

On Tuesday night, Daniel had been in bed for a few minutes when he heard sirens and a lot of people running down the street next to us. After some investigation, he saw a plume of smoke, and a fire at the base. From our backyard, it looked like the fire was just one or two streets over.

View from the Backyard (not a very good pic because you can’t see the fire at the base)

We decided we should further investigate what was going on, so we jumped into the car and drove off looking for a good place to see what was happening. Just a few blocks over, and one down, we saw the fire–not as close as we thought, but still pretty serious.

A shot of the fire, still quite a ways away.

As we found out, the fire was just off of Cedar Lane/Pete Hollis Highway–the same road our church is on. As we drove out for a closer look, we passed none other than Steve K. from our church! It turns out that several from church were able to see the fire and all that was going on.No one was hurt, as the building was abandoned. However, there has been a bit of arson going on in Greenville recently, and officials suspect this may have been part of that.

It was quite an adventure that evening, and we got back before 10p.m.


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