cooking venison

Deer for my Dear

July 22, 2007
There’s absolutely nothing like freshly cooked venison…especially in tender sirloin steak form. If this were beef, there would be a lot of grease on the meat and in the pan, but the liquid here is basically only water and juice from the steak–and this was a juicy one. The meat is compliments of my dad, an avid hunter.

Salad and sides, and we’re ready to go!

Daniel is definitely enjoying my transition into the second trimester!

I cooked up a couple more for Jay and Ash and we even had a litte 🙁 leftover. This made some of the best gravy I’ve ever had, though it probably helped that I’ve had some strange cravings for gravy. If craving meat is a sign of iron deficiency, then is craving gravy a sign I need more fat? Hmm…

I am happy to promote the attaining and eating of venison whenever I can! If you know anyone in Greenville who hunts, but doesn’t keep the meat, let us know!


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