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Friday Freebie…round 2

July 21, 2007
Hardly as laughable as dressing like cows, but just as free…Brick House Coffee launched its opening by offering free drinks all day on the opening day! Hardly the ones to pass up any freebie, we, of course, drove in for some free coffee!
Smart Marketing–they have a drive-through located on both sides of the building, allowing continual customers. (Which was very good–it was packed all day on this particular Friday!)
Daniel–enjoying his “Ninja” (basically just a mocha freeze)

Trying to be a good mama-to-be, I settled for the strawberry smoothie…and a sip of Daniel’s

Of course, we were not to be outdone by our double freebie the week before. We headed to over to Daniel’s parents house to see if we could take Joshua for a “date,” too. It turned out he was at a church activity, so after spending some time with G&G Johnson and their guest, the family van headed for some free drinks…and seconds for us! Daniel doesn’t recommend drinking that much coffee in one evening, though! 😉 Hmmm…free food dates 2 weekends in a row…wonder if we can keep this up?
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