Welcome Baby Perkins!

July 17, 2007

We were so thankful that our good friends Jay and Ashlyn were able to welcome a new blessing into their family on Monday, July 16 (just one day after Jay’s birthday)! Daddy, Mommy, and Baby Perkins are all doing well. We are thrilled for them, and pray every day for their family. We can’t wait to introduce Baby Perkins to Baby Threlfall in a few months!

The cutest baby…until January! 😉

A new mother recently told me that one of the biggest blessings to her after her baby’s birth was when someone took her a meal, though she had only received one. Fortunately, there were several others who volunteered to help Jay and Ash. I was recently inspired by a post at Tammy’s Recipes about a meal she made for new mother, as well as an excellent post by Michelle on “food as a ministry” (her article is a ministry, and was a blessing to read)!
This is part of the spread I was in the process of preparing for Jay and Ash:

I had so much fun working on this, and of course made enough for Daniel to enjoy some, too! The Lord was so gracious in allowing the majority of my tiredness and queasiness to disappear the weekend before J.J. arrived.


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  • michelle July 29, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    I am so glad that my post could be a blessing to you, as I’m sure your meal was a blessing to the family you provided it for.