First Fruit

July 15, 2007
A few weeks after moving into our new home, we were given a two tomato plants (courtesy of BJU greenhouse). We planted them, but only one flowered immediately. We have enjoyed watching it grow. There have since been many other flowers, and green tomatoes. Unfortunately, the others were hit by some of our severe storms, and the other tomato plant snapped entirely in half. But we thoroughly enjoyed our first, homegrown, organic tomato! Be a tomato connoisseur myself (ok, not really) I would have to say this is the best tomato I’ve ever had!

I picked it right after a heavy rain (that destroyed some others)

Any good tomato farmer knows that a fresh tomato is the best tomato!
Daniel had really been wanting bacon, so what better way to put it to use than a yummy BLT! (I had a CMBLT=BLT+cheese and mayo)
Arial View
I am now craving BLTs and fresh tomatoes! Sadly, our next little tomatoes are not ripe yet, but the local farmer’s market, the Tomato Vine, has the next best thing!


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