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Cow Appreciation Day at It’s Finest!

July 14, 2007

July 13 was official Cow Appreciation Day, as I mentioned in a previous Frugal Friday post! Woo hoo! Moo moo! Chick-Fil-A was giving away free combo meals for those dressed like a cow. Free food? How could we resist? We certainly didn’t! It was so much fun and a blessing to have an evening of fellowship with our good friends Jay and Ash.

Working on our “cowfits”
Our Pardners
I think their outfits are a bit “cooler” than ours–better spots. And cowbells. Cowbells take the prize!
I put a special design on my shirt: 🙂

The six of us (Yep–2 babies count, right?) on our front porch ready to go get some free food!
We really do like Jay and Ash…we’re just standing far apart for this pic.

Our first stop was the Chick-Fil-A closest to us. I had carefully read the rules, which stated that just a white t-shirt colored in with spots would count toward a free combo (rather than just a free entree for a hat, purse, etc… BUT the clerk said we only got a free entree. SO, we decided to head over to another Chick-Fil-A (there are actually 8 in our area!). There, we all qualified for a free combo! Woo hoo! Ash and I substituted for a dessert, and I got what I REALLY wanted–the lemonade. I am of the personal opinion that CFA lemonade is the best, unbeatable, and irrestible! I wasn’t wrong and I enjoyed two full glasses of it!

Afterwards, we headed over to Jay and Ash’s for a short movie night! We had such a wonderful time and were glad to be able to spend some time before J.J. comes!.

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