Kyrie Elise Ann {in One Thousand Words}


Kyrie Elise Ann, 9lbs., 1oz., 21 inches, October 10, 10:30p.m. Kyrie, eleison. Christe, eleison. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Kyrie The words Kyrie, eleison, a transliteration of the Greek Κύριε, ἐλέησον, translated “Lord, have mercy” have been a part of church liturgy for centuries. We chose this theme as a whole for our daughter’s name [...]

Reading 2014: Surprised by Motherhood


Heading into this book, I was quite surprised by Lisa-Jo Baker’s Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom. I knew that Baker was a popular “mommy blogger,” and so I’m afraid that label colored my thoughts about what I was initially expecting out of this book. Thankfully, this book pretty much blew [...]

Links to Think: 14.08.25


“How Gaza’s Christians View the Hamas-Israeli Conflict” – With much of the American Christian voice calling for a unanimous, no-questions-asked support of Israel, this is an important perspective to consider and remember. (Christianity Today also plans to do a similar piece representing Israeli Christians, as well.) “Timothy C. Morgan, senior editor, global journalism, and journalist [...]

Reading 2014: All Joy and No Fun


Jennifer Senior’s All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenting is a fascinating, essay-like dissection of modern parenting, specifically honing in on American parenting as the primary manifestation of “modern parenting.” Within the framework of modern parenting, concepts such as parenting itself and terms such as childhood are relatively new, both in their vernacular existence and their [...]

Links to Think: 14.08.18


“The Cross and the Molotov Cocktail” – News in recent months has reminded all of us how broken this world is. I’ve seen a variety of responses to the Ferguson tragedy, but I think it’s important for those who are in Christ to understand this perspective from which Christena Cleveland writes: “Can you see the [...]