More Waiting and Waterbirth: Kyrie’s Birth Story, Part 4


Waiting for Relief (Continued from Part 3) Only this time, I decided to stay in the shower for a longer time. Pushing was growing intense, but I felt like the head had not yet descended, which was rather disappointing given the effort I was putting into each push. I was trying to listen to the […]

Waiting: Kyrie’s Birth Story, Part 3


Waiting for Contractions I started my drive home, heart rate definitely higher than normal. I was full of adrenaline and nervousness. First, I needed to actually make it home. Second, I was fearful, because this was exactly how I didn’t want labor to begin this time. Julie graciously reminded me via text that just because […]

Not What I Expected: Kyrie’s Birth Story, Part 2


I Have Homework? As I wrote in Part 1 of Kyrie’s birth story, I had been taking the Hypnobabies class with my doula, Julie, as the instructor. The class was somewhat unexpected in that it covered a lot of basic birth information, but that was all a good refresher and I learned a good bit new, as […]

Nine Months Long, Nine Months Short: Kyrie’s Birth Story, Part 1


Nine Months Long, Nine Months Short For my own sake, I’m writing a little bit of the back story before the birth. So if you’re here for the actual birth story, stay tuned…this isn’t quite it! I’m still waiting for birth pictures (from photographer), but I figured I’ll go ahead and post this now. (I […]

Kyrie Elise Ann {in One Thousand Words}


Kyrie Elise Ann, 9lbs., 1oz., 21 inches, October 10, 10:30p.m. Kyrie, eleison. Christe, eleison. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Kyrie The words Kyrie, eleison, a transliteration of the Greek Κύριε, ἐλέησον, translated “Lord, have mercy” have been a part of church liturgy for centuries. We chose this theme as a whole for our daughter’s name […]